Senior Pet Health

We’re here to help at every stage of your pet’s life.


As your pet grows older, they made need some extra TLC.

Since each year for a dog or cat is the equivalent of five to seven human years, it is important that your pet receives a wellness examination annually, at a minimum. By age seven, he or she is considered a senior member of the community, and more frequent exams are recommended. The accelerated aging of a pet resulting in a shorter life span for animals compared to humans means that a pet’s health can change dramatically in a very short period of time.

The aging process applies to animals and people in the same way. Associated changes naturally occur in behavior, anatomy, and physiology. Your Swann Animal Clinic team will pay careful attention to your older pet’s orthopedic status, cardiovascular system, and ophthalmic condition.

Our veterinarians will discuss with you the normal developmental processes of your aging pet and any diagnosed deviations from what is considered within normal limits. He or she may also recommend appropriate blood tests for the older adult and suggestions for the use of products that can be of benefit.

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