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Pet physical rehab

We are happy to provide your pets with physical rehabilitation services to increase your pet’s quality of life and improve mobility.

SWANN ANIMAL CLINIC pet physical rehab

Physical Rehabilitation is an individualized treatment plan designed to aid your pet’s quality of life and mobility.

Our certified rehabilitation professionals utilize medically-proven modalities through a series of treatments, to regain mobility and pain-free daily life. We also teach pet parents at-home exercises and mobility aids to assist your pet with daily living.

Physical Rehabilitation can benefit pets throughout their entire life. Rehabilitation plans treat patients who have had surgery or injury, are not a candidate for surgical repair of injury, are experiencing decreased mobility due to aging, suffer from neurological impairments, strength training for working animals/athletes, and more.

Research-based modalities include treatments such as massage, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, underwater treadmill, orthotics/prosthetics, and more.

Common conditions benefitting from rehabilitation include, but are not limited to: post-operative repair, cruciate ligament tears, patella luxation, fractures/breaks, tendon rupture, osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, sports injuries, intervertebral disc disease, wobblers, degenerative myelopathy, vestibular disease, and obesity.

Preventative care is important for animals of all ages. Just like humans, animals who suffer from pain compensate with other limbs in an attempt to manage pain and stay mobile. The result can lead to alternative injury to other limbs when left untreated. Our team of veterinary professionals can help your pet maintain and regain mobility.

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