Financing Options

We can help relieve the stress of unexpected expenses.


CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for health and wellness needs for you, your entire family, and your pets. Interest rates are typically higher than a traditional closed-end loan, but CareCredit does offer promotional no-interest financing options if the balances are fully repaid within a specified period of time. CareCredit is most ideal for clients who enjoy the flexibility of using a credit card for both pet and human health and wellness needs.

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Pet Insurance

Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is very similar to supplemental insurance for people. It is a service provided by an insurance company where you, the client, pay a monthly fee and(or) deductibles. In exchange, the insurance company will cover the cost of diagnostics, treatment, medications, and other services if your pet is ever injured or ill. They may also cover preventative and wellness care in addition to covering accidents and illness. Each policy and insurance is different, so coverage will vary. Click here to learn more about pet insurance.

Pumpkin pet insurance helps you get the diagnostics, treatment, and Rx medicine your pet needs to get better and gives them the emergency care, surgery & rehab therapy it takes to recover. They also offer a preventive care pack that helps you keep up with yearly check-ups, vaccines & lab tests that keep your pet healthy.

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