Rates will vary for holiday boarding. As a reminder, we charge per day, not per night. Please call for pricing quotes for your pet’s stay. An estimate will be provided for you at check-in.

Sidekicks Boarding

Learn more about our pet boarding service below!

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Welcome to your pet’s new home away from home. Your pet’s overnight boarding includes your preferred feeding schedule, indoor and outdoor playtime, administering any medications (if needed), any add-on options like tummy-time, a comfortable raised bed, and a lot of love.
While your pet is boarding, we reinforce good manners like sitting before meals and before a door is opened.

A look at your pet’s luxury boarding experience


Joe Headquarters
Joe Headquarters is a 3X6 climate-controlled indoor run. It provides ample space and accommodation for most Sidekicks under 75lbs. It can also be comfortably shared by two Sidekicks with a combined weight of 75lbs. Plush bedding on a raised platform bed is provided along with bowls and toys.
Individual: $40.00 per day
Shared: $70.00 per day ($35/dog)

Upgrade to Stay & Play (enrichment or tummy time)* 
Individual: $60/Day       
Shared: $100/Day ($50/dog)

The Club House

The Club House is a 4X5 climate-controlled indoor run. It was designed with housemates in mind. This suite, complete with an elevated platform bed with plush bedding, bowls, and toys, is perfectly sized for Large and Giant breed dogs or two dogs with a combined weight of less than 150lbs.
Individual: $50.00 per day
Shared: $80/Day ($40/dog)

Upgrade to Stay & Play (enrichment or tummy time)* 
Individual: $70/Day       
Shared: $110/Day ($55/dog)

The Cat Caves
The Cat Caves are individual towers of fun for your cat. With four levels, including multiple beds to get cozy in, your cats will enjoy their stay in these suites. Our feline Sidekicks also receive time to stretch their legs, bathe in the sun, play with fun toys, and cuddle with their team during the day. Housemates are allowed to have enrichment time together, but we find they do best separated for overnight stays and sleep.
Single: $40/Cat/Day

What is Stay & Play Boarding?
While standard boarding provides ample outdoor relief and exercise time, Stay & Play boarding enhances your pet’s stay. It allows them to participate in group play (with a passed behavior evaluation). If unable to participate in group play, your pet will receive extra one-on-one time with an SSP member doing their favorite activities, from fetch to cuddles and everything in between. Stay & Play boarding also upgrades your pet’s meals to be fed in various enrichment feeders. They also receive kong stuffed toys once a day with peanut butter or pumpkin. 
  • We encourage you to bring your pets’ current diet for us to feed to prevent digestive upset.
  • Please pre-measure and pre-package dry food in individual Ziploc bags (or containers) label each meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to ensure you have provided enough food for your pet’s stay.
  • We also suggest packing some “extra” if you encounter any delays in your return.
  • If you do not bring your pet’s food, we are happy to serve Hills I/D low-fat diet during your pet’s stay (an additional cost of $2 per meal).
  • Raw fed diets are welcome with thorough directions of meal preparation.
  • Please inform our concierge if your pet has any dietary restrictions.

Enrichment Program
Group playtime can be added to your pet’s stay while they board. If you would like your pet to be a part of group play, we will set up a behavior evaluation. Once passed, they are welcome to participate in group play during their stay and join us for our day-time enrichment program after. For dogs who don’t pass a group-play evaluation, we will provide a customized enrichment program, including one-on-one activities during their stay to exercise their body and brain. Please see our behavioral evaluation form for more information.

Medication Administration
We understand that sometimes our Sidekicks need a little boost to make it through the day. From joint supplements, heart medications, insulin, and all those in-between, we are happy to medicate your pets as needed.
We charge $1.50 per administration

Other Amenities
Bath Before Check-Out: After days of playing with other dogs and running around outside, we are happy to add on a bath so your pet comes home smelling fresh and clean.
Tummy Time: Sign your pet up for even more belly rubs and cuddles.
Treat Bar: Fill up an 8oz bag with treats you think your pet would adore. Grain-free and different protein options are available!


With the vaccines we require, our other health recommendations, our behavior evaluations, and our daily pet and facility care program, we take every precaution to prevent injury and illness. In the event your pet shows any symptoms of being ill (coughing, sneezing, lethargy, diarrhea, frequent urination, decreased appetite, limping, etc.), we will contact you, and if needed, your pet will be seen by a veterinarian next door to us at Swann Animal Clinic at Plum Creek. Learn more about our injury and illness policy included in our Boarding & Enrichment Agreement.


Boarding Check-in and Check-out: You may check-in and check-out anytime during regular business hours. Please let our team know your expected check-in time so your pet’s suite is ready upon arrival.

Enrichment Check-in & Check-Out: We ask our enrichment (daycare) guests to arrive before 10:00 AM and must be picked up by closing time.

We understand plans change. Please communicate with our concierge team about your travel or stay needs and check-in/check-out preferences.

Pull-Up and Pick-Up (or Drop-off): Easy as the drop-off line at school, we are happy to provide curbside check-in and check-outs. Pull up into any lettered space, and we’ll be right out!

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