People manifest allergies like sneezing, wheezing, runny eyes, and runny nose.

However, dogs manifest allergies as itchy skin: licking, chewing, scratching, rolling/rubbing, head shaking.

The most common sources of allergy in dogs are fleas, pollen, and dust.  Intervene on allergy early!  If your pet becomes itchy, get veterinary help soon–before skin and ear infections develop. These often occur due to allergies and will cause your pet to be uncomfortable longer.

Even better than early intervention, aim for prevention.

Keep your dog on a medication that kills adult fleas year-round and feed your furry friend a medium to a high-quality diet that contains omega-3 fatty acids that help build the skin barrier and diminish itching.

Swann Animal Clinic carries many products to help protect your pets from fleas and ticks. Simparica, a once-a-month chewable tablet, Bravecto, a once-ever-90 day’s chewable tablet, and Seresto a water-proof collar lasting for 8 months. We also carry supplements like Welactin to provide your pets with Omega-3 fatty acids!

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