January is here! The month of resolutions! I know I typically make some sort of resolution about my health, so I thought I would talk about something that impacts my patients’ health greatly. It’s time to talk about nutrition.

If there is one thing that is talked a lot about in veterinary medicine, it is nutrition. You can’t turn on the television without seeing at least one commercial about dog and cat food. There are literally hundreds of options out there to confuse you. Each company claims they are the best. Each diet claims it will cure your dog of all ailments. Dry food, wet food, raw diet, grain-free, high protein – it is never-ending! Now, part of me as a veterinarian is glad that nutrition is getting so much attention. Because nutrition IS important! It is the basis for your pet’s overall health. The age-old saying of “you are what you eat” is true! If you are eating poorly, your body will show it. However, part of me gets a little frustrated because veterinarians seem to be the last place people go to for insight on nutrition. Those shiny commercials appeal to us on an emotional basis and make us feel good about buying their products without a second thought as to whether it is actually healthy for our furry loved ones (sorry, but your Pomeranian is not a direct descendant of the wolf).

If you have been to a pet food store lately, you know there are an endless amount of options. It is truly overwhelming. You are bombarded with advice from the internet, the pet store employee, your groomer, your breeder, and your family. Unfortunately, the one person that has studied your pet’s nutrition down to the cellular level is one of the only people most pet owners forget to ask. Don’t believe the hype that we have been “bought out” by the veterinary supported companies. Veterinarians support these companies because they are actually the best. The brand name Hill’s is not on the nutrition book because they paid for it. It is there because they literally wrote the book on nutrition for pets! Please, please, please talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition. We are the best and safest place to come.

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Dr. Heritage Enevoldsen

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