Sidekicks Pet Training

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We believe in the power of education for both humans and their sidekicks alike. Our training classes combine training and pet education in easy 1 hour courses. The following programs are available:

puppy power
Puppy Power teaches pet owners the basics of puppyhood. During this four-week course, we establish the fundamentals for training and obedience skills while also discussing important topics regarding pet health and general pet care. This is a perfect class for first-time puppy parents!
super sidekicks
Super Sidekicks is a great fit for older puppies, puppies who have some obedience established, or those wanting to socialize their puppy in a safe and controlled space. Super Sidekicks builds on our obedience foundations, builds your confidence and your relationship with your pet, and provides a positive atmosphere for your puppies to socialize in small groups.
drop-in training classes
Have you ever thought, “I wish I could teach my dog this one thing”? That is what drop-in classes are made for! Each week we focus on one skill or activity to help build basic skills, work through common struggles, or build enrichment into your pets day-to-day life.

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