Pet Insurance  

What is pet insurance?  Pet Insurance is very similar to supplemental insurance for people. It is a service provided by an insurance company where you, the client, pay a monthly fee and(or) deductibles. In exchange, the insurance company will cover the cost of diagnostics, treatment, medications, and other services if your pet is ever injured or ill. They may also cover preventative and wellness care in addition to covering accidents and illness. Each policy and insurance is different, so coverage will vary.

Why does my veterinarian recommend pet insurance?   There are many benefits to having a pet insured. The most important of these is that insurance can help our patients receive the level of care that they need during an unplanned illness or emergency. When a pet gets hurt or sick, insurance can help mitigate the costs of treatment (when money otherwise would not be available). Another big reason why our veterinarians recommend pet insurance is for routine wellness care. We believe in providing the best possible care to our clients and patients, which often includes exams, testing, vaccines, dental procedures, preventatives, etc. at routine intervals appropriate for each pet. Not every pet insurance offers wellness care coverage, which is why we recommend using one that does.

Is pet insurance expensive?   Every company and policy will vary on cost. Your pet’s breed, gender, age, chronic diseases (if any), and a few other things can affect the cost of your pet’s insurance. Additionally, how you choose to insure your pet will impact the cost. If you elect for just accident coverage, your pet may not be insured for routine wellness care (meaning those costs will come ‘out-of-pocket’, but your monthly policy may be cheaper). You’ll need to determine which company and policy will work best for you and your pet.

How do I find the right company?  Choosing the right pet insurance company for you may take a little time to find the right fit. The good news is, many insurances offer comparison tools to help you see what options are possible. Check out the Pumpkin Pet Insurance comparison tool here.

I have more questions:   Questions are great, and we’re happy to help you find the answer. If you have questions about any company, its policies, or cost, we’d recommend reaching out to them directly. For other questions, please give your preferred location a call.

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