To A Future Veterinarian,

Remember this field is rewarding yet difficult, you will have high points and also low points. Know that you will be a wonderful doctor, you are already a wonderful person dedicating your life to the care and treatment of animals. Surround yourself with those that will care and support you throughout this career. Mentorship is a must! Our industry is full of wonderful surprises, and advancements in science and medicine.

Know no matter how small you may think your role is that you are impacting the lives not only of your patients, and clients but the people around you including your technical staff. You will continue to make an impact daily, provide mentorship to many, and be a therapist to some. You will continue to grow and develop your communication and medical skills as well. You will wear many hats as a veterinarian and you will push yourself like never before.

You will need to begin preparing now. Get into a vet clinic, and or a field that applies to our industry (laboratory, large animal, small animal, wildlife, public health, and or research to name a few). You must obtain multiple hours of experience. Start focusing now on grades and being a well-rounded candidate for veterinary admissions. Volunteer, be active in your community, and push yourself to be involved in school activities.

You must acknowledge that you need to budget and you will carry financial debt. So be prepared for it and be smart about saving. I would recommend having a financial advisor assist you with this process as this helps prepare you after you graduate.

Veterinary Medicine is truly a “practice”. We do our best every day to make good decisions and prepare our clients on a daily basis. Give yourself grace, our “plans” aren’t always successful the first go around. Be transparent to your clients and create a team mentality with them. We dedicate our lives to alleviating the pain and suffering of animals. We truly advocate for our patients diligently and this is what makes our field so special.

Prepare to go to school for 8+ years. There will be long sleepless nights, late-night study sessions, and your life will be altered for just a while. You, however, will become a professional test taker. Know that through all the stress, anxiety, and difficulty of veterinary school, you will survive and you will make it. Once you put on that white coat, you realize it was all worth it in the end. There is nothing that compares to the accomplishment of obtaining your dream and giving yourself the opportunity to join fellow veterinarians in this rewarding career.

Reach for the stars,

– Dr. Brittany Ellersick , Primary Care Veterinarian
Swann Animal Clinic

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